When you test your water for lead through LeadCare Illinois, you will receive your results back via email within 30 days of your samples arriving at the lab. Your test results email includes the names of the fixtures that were sampled, the type of sample collected (first draw or 30-second flush), and the concentration of lead detected in each sample, reported in parts per billion (ppb).

lead in water test results

Results that are 2.01 ppb or higher are shown in red. If any of your test results reveal lead levels at or above 2.01 ppb, you will need to take immediate and long-term actions to reduce the level of lead below 2.01 ppb at these fixtures. This is called mitigation. Results that are less than 2.01 ppb are displayed as <2.01 ppb. This means lead was not detected at that fixture according to the state action level of 2.01 ppb. However, it is important to remember that there is no safe level of lead exposure in children.

The guidance below will help you determine the appropriate next steps after reviewing your lead in water test results.

If all sample results are below 2.01 ppb:

  • This is good news! You are not required to create a mitigation plan or retest your water.
  • You are required to post your test results in a visible location in your facility. Visit the Notification Requirements page for guidance on communicating your results with parents and staff.
  • You must also share your test results with your DCFS licensing representative within 120 days of receiving them.
  • You are only required to retest the water at your child care facility if you move your facility to a new address, alter the plumbing in your facility, or if there is a change to the water source.
  • Even if lead was not detected at any of your fixtures, it is important to adopt routine actions to reduce lead in water. Check out the FAQs to learn more.

If any sample result is at or above 2.01 ppb:

  • Take immediate action upon receiving your test results to ensure a safe water supply for children at your facility. Visit the Immediate Mitigation Strategies page to learn what actions you can take right away.
  • Develop a long-term mitigation plan to reduce the amount of lead in water to below 2.01 ppb. Visit the How to Develop a Mitigation Plan page for guidance.
  • You are required to post all test results in a visible location in your facility and make your mitigation plan available to parents. Visit the Notification Requirements page for guidance.
  • Your test results and mitigation plan must be submitted to your DCFS licensing representative within 120 days of receiving test results indicating the presence of lead at or above 2.01 ppb.
  • Once you have implemented a long-term mitigation plan, you will need to retest each fixture that indicated lead is present at least two additional times until the levels are below 2.01 ppb. Learn more about the retesting requirements on the Retesting page.