LeadCare Illinois has paused processing lead-in-water test kits while we wait for a new round of funding for the program to be released. Sign up for our waiting list, and we will notify you as soon as we resume processing test kits.

If any of your fixtures tested at or above 2.01 ppb or greater, you need to take immediate action to ensure children at your facility have a safe drinking water supply.

child care facility filtered water pitcher graphic

The temporary strategies below will help you decide the best actions to take to immediately address lead in drinking water. Share with parents and staff which immediate actions you take and record these actions in your mitigation plan.

After taking immediate action to provide children at your facility with a safe drinking water supply, you will need to plan for and implement long-term strategies to reduce the lead in your water to below 2.01 ppb. Visit the Long-Term Mitigation Strategies page for information on long-term solutions.

Immediate Strategies