LeadCare Illinois has paused processing lead-in-water test kits while we wait for a new round of funding for the program to be released. Sign up for our waiting list, and we will notify you as soon as we resume processing test kits.

If lead is present at or above 2.01 parts per billion (ppb) in any of your samples, you are required to develop and implement a mitigation plan.

develop a mitigation plan

To help you create a mitigation plan, use the LeadCare Illinois mitigation plan template. A mitigation plan should include:

  • A list of each drinking and cooking water source that tested at or above 2.01 ppb;
  • Immediate actions taken to ensure children at your facility have a safe water supply until long-term strategies can be implemented;
  • The planned long-term mitigation strategies you will implement at each water source where lead is present to reduce the levels below 2.01 ppb, as well as when these mitigation strategies will begin and end;
  • Dates when you plan to retest your water to ensure the long-term mitigation strategies worked (i.e., did your chosen strategies reduce lead levels below 2.01 ppb?). You are required to retest your water until two consecutive rounds of testing show lead levels below 2.01 ppb. According to licensing standards, you are required to retest “no later than six months following the completion of a mitigation plan and a second test no later than one year after the completion of a mitigation plan.”

Check out the Immediate Mitigation Strategies and Long-Term Mitigation Strategies pages to help inform your plan.