LeadCare Illinois has paused processing lead-in-water test kits while we wait for a new round of funding for the program to be released. Sign up for our waiting list, and we will notify you as soon as we resume processing test kits.

LeadCare Illinois is a new program that provides free lead in water testing, training, and mitigation education to help licensed child care providers comply with Illinois rules.

While lead exposure has health implications for all people, the effects are especially concerning among infants and children under the age of six. Even low levels of lead exposure in children have been linked to brain and nervous system damage, learning disabilities, and impaired speech and hearing.

child care provider collecting water sample at faucet

Children spend a lot of time at child care facilities and likely drink tap water and eat food prepared with water in these homes or buildings. In 2017, Illinois emerged as a leader in combating the risks of lead exposure in children by requiring schools and certain child care facilities to test their water for lead. If lead is found at 2.01 parts per billion or above, child care facilities are required to develop and implement a mitigation plan.

In addition to free lead in water testing, the LeadCare Illinois program offers educational training that covers topics such as lead testing standards, the health impact of lead, how to test water for lead, and ways to mitigate lead in drinking water.

LeadCare Illinois offers bilingual education and support. All resources, call center support, and training will be available in both Spanish and English. Materials in Spanish will become available starting Feb 2021, but providers can reach out to LeadCare Illinois by phone or email for assistance for assistance in Spanish. 

Materiales en español estarán disponibles a partir de febrero de 2021, pero proveedores pueden comunicarse con LeadCare Illinois por teléfono o correo electrónico para obtener ayuda en español.