Free Lead Service Line Replacement

LeadCare Cook County supports a safe and healthy learning environment for children by offering free lead service line replacement to licensed child care providers in suburban Cook County.

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All children should have access to safe drinking water.

How the Program Works

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How do I know if my facility has a lead service line?

We schedule a visit to inspect your service line. If it contains lead or galvanized material, we set a date to replace it with a copper service line.

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Who does the work and how long will it take?

A licensed plumber does all the work, and we oversee the construction. We complete most replacements in a few days and provide bottled water during that time.

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What happens after my line is replaced?

We flush your water and provide free testing supplies to ensure your lead levels come down following replacement. We also restore areas impacted by replacement activities.

Benefits for Child Care Providers

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Why do I need to replace a lead service line?

A water service line is the pipe that delivers water to your facility from the water main in the street. If it’s made of lead material, it can be the largest contributor of lead in drinking water. Children under six are especially susceptible to the damaging effects of lead.

How will LeadCare Cook County help my child care facility?

You care about creating a safe and healthy learning environment for the children at your child care facility. But large improvement projects—like replacing your lead water service line—can cost up to $20,000! When you enroll in LeadCare Cook County, you pay nothing to have a licensed plumber replace your line.

Our services also help you comply with lead testing and mitigation requirements set by the Department of Children and Family Services.

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Am I eligible?

LeadCare Cook County is available to licensed child care providers in suburban Cook County.